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While segmented gutters have many joints along each segment of the system, seamless gutter uses continues lengths of gutter, stretching from one joint in a corner to the next. With an unbroken view from below, aluminium seamless guttering will give a more impressive and cleaner design to a structure, offering more advantages like higher reliability and less maintenance than traditional upvc gutters or others made of inferior materials. Originating in USA and Canada, seamless gutters have taken the UK by storm (no pun intended).

Superior Seamless Guttering

Traditional types of gutters such as upvc and sold in sections of different lengths. When fitted, these lengths are put together and sealed to create a gutter system that can carry water. Whilst affective, these joints pose a weakness in every gutter system regardless or the material used or the style, this is because the seals are a weakness that all segmented gutter share. Whilst strong, exposure to the elements can and will weaken any seals implemented on a gutter system.

Once damaged, a seal could allow small amounts of water to escape from the internals of a gutter system, leaking down or along the slope of the gutter. Using aluminium gutters, there are less joints within your new gutter system, with less joints, there are less areas of weaknesses that could be exposed later in its life. Less weaknesses means less maintenance cost and longer functionality. Longer functionality tied with less maintenance costs will mean a better investment.

This benefit, tied with the right guttering material and guttering style, will aid in the protection of your building, more peace of mind. Suitable for use in both domestic and commercial needs.

seamless aluminium gutters being made

Suitable For Any Property

Seamless gutters are suitable to be used for any domestic or commercial need. Due to its numerous advantages, it is defintely a worthwhile investment for your property. It carries less maintenance cost that regular segmented guttering because there are less areas of weakness in this type of gutter, less weaknesses means less faults that may require repairs or replacements that could range in cost depending on the issue at hand.

This lower maintenance cost will be the reason a seamless gutter is a great example of a long-term investment. As for design, a continuous gutter offers a more uniformed appearance. Despite the style used on the guttering system, a continuous appearance is always an added benefit, only improving the finished visual effect when fitted, able to compliment any house or building, no matter its architectural design or age. Its increased expense is because to create this system, all the pieces of the gutter system must be made to measure.

The longer individual pieces (depending on the length), will be larger than the pieces involved in the fitting of a segmented guttering system. Longer, they will provide a constant weight that is to be fitted compared to a segmented gutter resulting in the same length which will be implemented piece by piece. They will also require more handling to get into place before installation which a segmented guttering system is taken on piece by piece. Most popular style of this range is the victorian ogee aluminium guttering.

Although, since the seamless gutter is made to measure, you can be assured that the gutter will fit where needed without any materials going to waste whilst offering a lower risk of the lengths becoming loose or unaligned during a house or buildings settling period if newly built, a risk that is possible with segmented gutters with its individual pieces being sealed along the same length.

Why Go Seamless?

Seamless aluminium guttering looks great and also comes with a huge range of benefits over more traditional guttering materials like PVC. See some of the benefits below:

With the use of standard guttering systems, comes a lot of maintenance, such as having to paint and repair over the period that the system is fitted. However, with continuous guttering these repairs, especially the costs are considerably lower. With this being the case, the initial layout for this gutter system is higher than that of a standard guttering. But, with the decreased cost of maintenance it will save you money over its lifetime.

Aluminium seamless guttering should be able to withstand at least 30 years of being installed without needing to be replaced. All our guttering is 100% scratch resistant and fully power coated, this helps reduce the need for reapplication, and it also means that you don’t need to deal with flaking paint.

seamless aluminium gutters in black

No Seams Mean No Leaks

These rainwater systems are long single pieces, which means that they do not have any joints which could go weak over time. This means that there are no leaks which could cause damage to your external walls or structure. It forces the water to flow right down to the downspouts, unlike many conventional gutter systems which can leak due to weaken seams. This saving you money, due to the fact that you won’t have to repair or replace due to corrosion with a continuous gutter.

Enviromentally Friendly

Due to us measuring our aluminium guttering whilst we are installing, it helps us to reduce the amount of waste we produce. All our gutter systems are made from 100% recycled aluminium, which means that the aluminium we use has a lower damage on the environment than other materials used in guttering systems. This being the reason that many people are switching out their old gutters when they need replacing or are having them installed to their newly built homes.

For the more traditional type of property we also offer a cast iron effect aluminium gutter.